DRONEII Ranks Top Drone Manufacturers of 2023: How the List Has Changed

DJI Inspire 3, DRONEII Top Drone Manufacturer Rankings

DJI Inspire 3

DRONEII Report Ranks Top Drone Manufacturers of 2023: DJI Continues to Lead, Skydio Claims Second Spot

In the ever-evolving landscape of drone technology, the latest report from DRONEII sheds light on the top players in the industry. Unsurprisingly, DJI, a stalwart in the field, maintains its position at the forefront.  Other players, however, have risen this year to new prominence in the rankings.

The rankings, determined by a comprehensive set of indicators including company size, development trajectory, market shares, sales figures, social media activity, public attention, funding, estimated revenue, and web activity, showcase DJI’s continued dominance in the space.  DJI remains a benchmark across all measured dimensions, emphasizing the company’s comprehensive and leading presence in the drone market.

Skydio x10 Trimble, Skydio Trimble, Skydio Top Drone Manufacturers

Skydio X10

However, the standout revelation in the report is the ascent of Skydio, a US-based drone manufacturer, to the second spot. This marks a notable shift in the rankings, as Skydio surpasses other prominent players in the field. The indicators underscore Skydio’s impressive performance across various dimensions, solidifying its position as a competitor in the civil drone manufacturing sector.

The top five in the civil drone manufacturing category also includes XAG from China, Parrot from France, and JOUAV from China. While DJI’s consistent top-tier performance is commendable, the diversity in the top ranks indicates a dynamic and globalized drone industry.  DRONEII’s Ed Alvarado writes:

There was plenty of movement in the rankings this year, with a shift from 15 out of the top 20 civil drone manufacturing companies. Many companies (6) saw a decrease in their rank but a bigger number of them (9) managed to improve their overall ranking. The companies that increased their ranking the most were Autel Robotics (China, +7), Delair (France, +5), and Percepto (Israel) as well as American Robotics (USA), both with +3.

The rankings for dual-use drone manufacturers, covering companies with applications in both civilian and defense sectors, reveal a mix of global players. Insitu from the US secures the top position, followed by Schiebel from Austria, Edge Autonomy from the US, Quantum Systems from Germany, and IdeaForge from India.

Similar to the civil drone rankings, the dual-use ranking methodology factors in a range of indicators, presenting a holistic view of each company’s standing in the industry.

As the drone market continues to expand, these rankings provide valuable insights into the industry’s key players. DJI’s enduring leadership and Skydio’s rise underscore the competitive and innovative nature of the drone manufacturing landscape, highlighting the ongoing global collaboration and competition within this transformative sector.

For the deep dive and information on each manufacturer, check out the full report from DRONEII.

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