STRADAai and Dimetor Partnership Elevates Italian Drone Technology Standards

The Italian Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market is estimated to reach €1.8 billion by 2030, according to a research study conducted by PwC and presented at the Roma Drone Conference in November 2022. The research showed that, in Italy today, there are five main mission clusters, also known as use cases, that have been identified as key contributors to market expansion: (1) passenger transport, (2) goods transport, (3) image and data acquisition, (4) aerial work and (5) defense.

This is in line with the findings of another study conducted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which reported that Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services are currently gaining widespread public acceptance in Europe, with Italian cities leading the way. Two of the top ten European cities where the public most accept future drone transport methods are in Italy (Rome and Milan), which aligns the findings of both studies.

However, the research has also highlighted a different fact, which is that Italy is currently at the beginning of unlocking this market potential. The ecosystem needs new organizations to step in and support governments to provide the infrastructure that will allow these innovative new technologies to serve the people waiting for them.  This is why Dimetor and Strada AI have entered into a collaboration to support the implementation of drone services at scale and enable commercial BVLOS operations by 2030, by supporting the commercial drone roadmap published by ENAC.

STRADAai, an Italian organization pioneering a cutting-edge drone data network and a Patent Pending Enterprise Drone Planning Platform, is actively working towards establishing itself as a recognized U-space Service Provider (USSP). At the core of STRADAai’s offerings lies the robust Aloft Air Control Platform, developed by their official partner, Aloft Inc., known for their exceptional UTM platforms and drone technologies. With a strategic collaboration with Dimetor, STRADAai will leverage the AirborneRF software within their Enterprise Drone Planning to ensure pilot-drone connectivity by seamlessly connecting to the telecommunications infrastructure. This crucial partnership lays the foundation for Dimetor and STRADAai market launch in Italy.

Once the system for the go-to-market strategy is established, the two organizations will begin offering BVLOS solutions to the drone market in Italy through the development and launch of a new integrated software that will function as a unified solution. The service will be offered to relevant authorities, telecommunications organizations, drone operators and digital infrastructure service providers for drones. Stakeholder of the partnership could be local representatives and actors directly involved in the drone ecosystem in Italy.

The system will feature end-to-end data encryption to support use cases such as industrial inspections, precision agriculture, delivery, law enforcement, security and surveillance, and emergency response. 

Thomas Wana, CTO and co-founder of Dimetor, said, “The partnership will bring some of the most advanced software technologies on the market to Italy, enabling stakeholders to have end-to-end connectivity at a level rarely seen in the industry, which has the potential to make Italy one of the most technologically advanced drone industry players in the European Union.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Dimetor for the Italian market. By synergizing Dimetor’s capabilities with our Enterprise Drone Planning Solution, we aim to deliver an integrated software system that empowers organizations to seamlessly manage all drone-related processes, from data handling and workflows to resource management and airspace safety. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards providing comprehensive UTM services throughout the EMEA region.” – Giulio Segurini, CEO and Co-founder of STRADAai.

About Dimetor

Dimetor is a software company that bridges the data gap between communications service providers (CSPs) and the aviation ecosystem. Through its world-leading platform, AirborneRF, it helps to provide the complementary data critical for safe BVLOS drone operations. AirborneRF focuses on (a) the 3D corridors in space that have sufficient connectivity for drone operations (e.g. for networked remote ID, command and control, payload communications) and (b) population density for ground risk assessment based on anonymised cellular mobility data.

Developed by experts in mobile networks, aviation and drone technology, AirborneRF also provides live notifications from the CSP networks in case of problems during flight operations. Dimetor’s software has been deployed around the world, including Australia, Europe and North America.

Visit www.dimetor.com and www.airborneRF.com for more information.

About STRADAai

STRADAai is a “Start-Up Innovativa” (Innovative Start-Up) specializing in the “dynamic” management of drone flights through advanced digital applications. Our mission is to enable operators across various industries in the EU to safely utilize dedicated airspace while complying with operational and control requirements outlined by EASA’s Regulations. We aspire to become a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for the drone industry, offering UTM combined Fleet management, Operation management, Comm.s and Data Management withDigital Twin, BIM and Realtime 3D Mapping solutions. Our comprehensive range of services aims to transform drone operations and U-space services. Additionally, our advisory division provides guidance and support to companies in adapting to the evolving regulations on Advanced Air Mobility. STRADAai is supported also by Tonucci & Partners one of the leading Italian Law Firms with an international outlook, and a strong focus on all legal and tax aspects for business internationalization. Tonucci & Partners provides STRADAai with the day-to-day assistance on both national and international matters as it strives to become a UTM Service Provider in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Visit www.stradaai.com for more information.